Flow to Connect – The Facts & The Benefits

Flow to Connect is something that needs to be experienced, to feel the amazing benefits that it brings. However, in advance of our next FREE event we’d love to share with you some facts and benefits that are involved in the three practices, rolled into one very special session.

The Movement Bit

• Shake & Flow is a Conscious and Guided Movement Meditation for the Mindbody, and soul.
• A simple yet powerful technique, its aim is to release stuck energy, and old emotions in the body, which can build up over time.
• Think of it as a way of resetting the body.
• With no choreography or routine, there is no right or wrong way to move.
• As it is less structured it gives an opportunity for us to follow the energy in our body and let it guide us – rather than following strict moves. Flow with the energy into whatever moves it wants to make.

Benefits include:

• Stress reduction – shaking is our bodies natural response mechanism to the release of stress and tension. We are quite literally built to shake our body!
• Increased energy – levels of energy affect our health and our emotional balance – low levels of energy (tiredness) create lower immune systems, which means more health issues. High energy, on the other hand has been found to increase health benefits (study by Yale University).
• Overall health and healing – shaking is one of the best exercises for this as it gets rid of energy that doesn’t need to be there – stagnant energy that we pick up from the world around us.
• Instant mood enhancer – it brings about playfulness and spontaneity – “Joy, collected over time, fuels resilience” Brene Brown.

The Relaxation Bit

• Yoga Nidra is an ancient relaxation and awareness practice, dating back to 700-1000BCE.
• Also known as “Yogic Sleep”, this meditation technique differs from others, as the focus is on complete relaxation, whilst being guided into the state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleeping.
• During this relaxed state, the journey continues inward on a voyage of self-discovery, through deepening layers of our Awareness – these layers consist of Physical, Energy, Mind, Wisdom and Bliss.
• Like peeling an onion, when these layers are peeled back, we become more and more connected to our True Self – that of wholeness.

Benefits include:

• Improves memory – During a Yoga Nidra session the brain becomes more open and flexible. When a state of relaxed awareness is entered, we can access our subconscious mind, including memories.
• Increases focus and motivation – By calming our thoughts we open our mind to greater things, including deeper concentration and creativity.
• Natural stress reliever – Yoga Nidra relaxes us more than any other relaxation technique and a dopamine boost of up to 65% can be felt during a single practice.
• Reduces anxiety – Research has shown that while meditation and Yoga Nidra were both effective in reducing anxiety and stress, Yoga Nidra seemed to be more effective than other meditations in reducing anxiety. Studies also suggest that Yoga Nidra can be a useful tool in reducing both cognitive and physiological symptoms of anxiety.
• Improves sleep – Yoga Nidra literally means the Union of Sleep. The practice is deeply relaxing and slows the wavelengths in our mind.

The Reconnective Bit

• Reconnective Healing Energy is a form of touch free healing that is a return to an optimal state of balance
• It is not just an energy healing. It is a comprehensive spectrum of healing composed of energy, light and information.
• No complicated steps are involved, you simply lie down and allow yourself to receive the healing energy.
• It is not something that is done by the facilitator, it is healing energy that is allowed, and channelled through them.

Benefits include:

• Gain greater internal awareness.
• Healing can be felt in an instant.
• Feel peaceful and joyful.
• Total relaxation of mind and body.
• Restore a feeling of wholeness and a connection to your True Self.

Practiced individually these are all incredibly profound with “aha” moments regularly occurring. Combined we have developed something that we truly hope will help you to find a deep connection with your inner self, which will lead you on a journey of illumination and joy.

Please feel free to drop Leila (Reconnective Healing) or me (Shake & Flow and Yoga Nidra) a message if you have any questions.


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