Yoga Nidra Dyad

With a 1:1 Yoga Nidra Dyad session you will experience a speaking, engaged meditation. It is an incredibly effective way in helping the process of transformation and has the ability to bring about fresh perspectives, clarity, motivation, and “aha” moments. 

During a Yoga Nidra Dyad session I will gently guide you into deep relaxation, create a dialogue with you and invite you to share what you are experiencing in real time. Providing a safe space for you to experience your journey and reflect on it. This is a simple, yet powerful technique that can help uncover blockages and aid in the next stage of overcoming them. 

Benefits of a Yoga Nidra Dyad include:

  • Unlock your inner wisdom, knowing and truth
  • Uncover & overcome blockages 
  • Manifestation of goals
  • Balance your emotions
  • Achieve breakthrough moments