I am a Change Coach, Yoga Nidra Facilitator and developer of a conscious movement meditation called Let’s Shake.

I have been living in Dubai since 2015 with my husband, alongside a grumpy elderly cat and a very lively rescue cat. After working in the London insurance industry for over 15 years, I moved to Dubai and set up the regional office of an international Recruitment Agency.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an ancient relaxation and meditation practice. Also known as “Yogic Sleep”, this meditation technique differs from others, as the focus is on complete relaxation, whilst being guided into the state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleeping

Yoga Nidra Dyad

With a 1:1 Yoga Nidra Dyad session you will experience a speaking, engaged meditation. It is an incredibly effective way in helping the process of transformation and has the ability to bring about fresh perspectives, clarity, motivation, and “aha” moments

Change Coach

During our lives we face many different challenges, obstacles, decisions and ultimately changes. Change is the only constant in life, so why do we fear it so much?

Let’s Shake

This conscious movement meditation is for the mind, body and soul, and shaking is our bodies natural response to releasing stress, tension and trauma. A simple yet powerful technique, its aim is to release stuck energy in the body, which can build up over time


Amy has been a delightful teacher – full of enthusiasm but with a gentle, calm manner.
Her classes gave a welcome opportunity to focus on inner wellbeing at a time of personal sadness.
The mixture of stretching and meditative reflection was just perfect.
I would not hesitate to recommend Amy’s classes.


Shake shake and connect 😋😍
Today I took session with the beautiful Amy Pope
Truly this is super powerful I’m grateful for you and your time you entered power to my awareness.
Shake brings healing, integration and joy excited to let it all go and flow again
She let me move, give release of emotions and energy that is indescribable


Amy is a wonderful Qigong teacher. Having participated in many Qi Gong classes over the years, I found her style is very calm, generous warm and caring in amongst a lovely flow from start to finish. She is very knowledgeable and discusses elements in more detail when relevant, so I could maximise my understanding and really benefit as much as possible from the class. The cards at the start and finish of the class really helped my focus and enhanced my overall experience. I’d highly recommend taking a Qigong class with Amy!


Amy is a brilliant Qigong teacher. She is clear, calm, patient and has a caring approach. Her choice of music is relaxing and I love the visualisations we do which include the use of colours. I feel more open and connected after a session with Amy and would highly recommend her class.


Just wanted to share my experience after today’s Qigong session. I started my morning in a great relaxing way and I felt more energised throughout my entire day, plus the shaking method helped a lot with letting go of all of the tension and negative vibes! Can’t wait to join in some more more sessions.


All of Amy’s coaching and meditation is amazing, but Qigong with Amy is magic! I can go from having the most stressful day to feeling calm and collected in under 45 minutes, it’s honestly incredible. Amy is an amazing teacher, she explains things perfectly, helps you to connect to your inner thoughts and helps you feel grounded. It helps that she is so lovely too!


I’ve done Amy’s shake classs quite a few times now and have loved it every time! My life is very busy with two young children so it’s great to take some time for myself and do something that is not only relaxing but also really fun : ) One of the things I love the most is that there is no choreography so it’s just a great class for anyone to do at anytime, no matter what your ability. Amy always chooses a great soundtrack as well to get you moving and I find her voice so calming and relaxing. She expertly guides you through the session so that you really get the most out of it. I always feel fantastic afterwards, less stressed and full of energy. Thank you Amy!


You helped me learn how not to give up on myself. Thank you for giving me the safe space to really feel things and process through those feelings. I see the differences between when I first came in and now. Thank you Amy.


The session was quite an eye-opener. Honestly I wasn’t one for believing that meditation was a solid method for relieving stress, or taking time to focus on your goals. Boy was I wrong, despite the fact the session was online, Amy was very professional in making the session as immersive as possible, and really allowed me to relax and put some prime focus on my goals for the next few months. And honestly I feel ready to conquer the obstacles in my way to make my goal a reality, all I can say is give this a go, and Amy – THANK YOU

Kenny (1:1 Online Meditation)

Let’s Shake is a wonderful technique I’ve first learnt about from Amy. I was surprised of how simply helpful it can be to increase one’s energy and reduces anxiety effectively. Since the mechanism of shake and release is already stored within our bodies. I’m ever so grateful to learn about this natural tool that is helping me out to stay on a high energy level.


The “Yoga Nidra Dyad” session with Amy was a fantastic experience. As soon I closed my eyes and Amy started talking to me, I fell in a state of complete relaxation and peace, almost as if I was dreaming. The sensation of finding the answers to my doubts coming from inside me was really enlightening. It’s an experience that I would like to explore in more depth, and that I definitely recommend to anyone who needs a moment to sit back and understand their inner selves better.


It is with a grateful heart to thank you so much for taking the time to motivate me through the emotional feelings that I have. I do really love it!

Life is not perfect, but I gain a great peace of mind from receiving your Holistic guidance and advice. Your Intention Cards have inspired me, and it is as though the Angels are reading what is inside of my mind and heart. It helps me control my negative emotions (fear, tiredness, stress) and to change and be brave and confident to face the challenges of life.


Thank you so much for my Yoga Nidra Dyad. I absolutely loved it. It cleared some much needed headspace, helped me focus on a decision I needed to make, and left me feeling wonderfully calm 😊 Thank you! X


My grandmother passed away in August and I don’t think I’d really grieved losing her. Not properly, at least. On some level, I couldn’t believe it had happened at all because I hadn’t been there. I had an Yoga Nidra Dyad with Amy a few weeks ago. With her patience and encouragement, I was able to release what I’d been holding on to and felt so much better for it. It was more than a guided meditation, it was more like a conversation between her and my higher self. If you’re looking for a way to become more aware of and in tune with your emotions, I’d highly recommend a session with


Absolutely loved my Yoga Nidra Meditation with Amy! It was so calming – she helped me relax and release all the tensions and stresses in my body, I can’t wait to experience it again soon!


I really enjoyed the meditation, thank you Amy! It was hard to feel those emotions but it also felt good to ‘get it out’.

Emma (after a private Yoga Nidra meditation for grief)

Sometimes you don’t know how much you need something, until you’ve done it.  That’s definitely the case with Amy’s Shake class.  Listening to music, feeling the beat and letting yourself go.
There’s no right or wrong way, no routine to follow and as no one’s watching it doesn’t even matter if you can’t dance. Just let yourself go and shake to the music. A 30 minute joy ride, a pure release!


I absolutely love my “Let’s Shake” class! It really makes me full of energy and love by the end of the class. Amy is fantastic and always has a great music set, which makes it easy for you to shake your worries away and then relax in the end of session meditation. I always leave feeling inspired and invigorated!


Shaking is for the mind, body and soul. Shake has given me a connection to an amazing energetic life force.  Try it if you want to experience the powerful effects of energetic expression.


I love Shaking with Amy! It is 30 minutes of me time where I can switch off, shake, wiggle, dance & get lost in the music.  Every session leaves me feeling energised, empowered & stress free.  Amy always puts together a fab playlist of songs & is a great guide giving clear & simple instructions on how to shake, tune into your body & the benefits you will gain.


I just want to say that after a tough day at work, this is the perfect workout to release any tension! Amy makes you feel very relaxed and the session is in no way regimented, you can express yourself as much as you like and there’s no rule book! Definitely recommend Amy’s shaking session if you want to let yourself go and forget about life pressures and expectations for a small part of your day.


Just wanted to thank you for your amazing Shake classes!
The music choices are always good with a thoughtful mix of familiar and new music and I love your ‘thoughts for the day’ that bookend the session. They always seem to make sense and give me pause for thought,
Another aspect of your classes that make them so enjoyable for me is the fact that there is no choreography and no pressure to be co- ordinated which is not a strength of mine! You can literally just shake away your troubles and do your own thang!!
Your calm reassuring voice reminding us to breath is another highlight and I feel I really benefit from this and the relaxation section at the end. I always feel better for having joined and I urge everyone to give it a go – the only thing you have to lose are your worries!


While flipping through Facebook, I came across Amy’s page, her story resonated with me. We got to talking, the coaching fees were reasonable per session, and I immediately took action.
The experiences were comfortable and eye-opening. Amy’s approach is unique; mellow, easy going with flow and no stress at all. It made it easy to discuss difficult topics and experiences and she encouraged participation which brings about change from within. She used careful, polite questioning and challenging scenarios, combined with active listening skills, to tease out the critical issues that required my attention. Then together we formed an action plan.
Thanks to Amy, I’m equipped with essential tools and a positive attitude to continue with the changes I have put in place to pursue my life purpose. I recommend Amy for anyone looking to engage a life coach. I cannot thank Amy enough.


I am so thankful for our conversation, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your time, support and patience. I learned something new from you today, which could provide me with a strong foundation during this unprecedented time. You took the time to review my LinkedIn profile and gave some great feedback on how to position myself moving forward with a deeper understanding. You were also incredibly generous with your time, energy and thoughtfulness and didn’t hesitate to share your personal experience and stories. I hope the knowledge you have imparted on me today is the start of something bigger and better between us

Shine Nawale
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