Let’s Talk About EYP

EYP, or Embodied Yoga Principles, is a set of postures used to gain insights into ourselves and our habitual behavioural patterns.

The Importance of Connection

Out of the window I see planes either waiting to take off or coming into land. In under an hour, I shall be boarding one that will take me back to the place I currently call home, Dubai.

Relationships – The Magic Formula?

We live in an era where distraction is everywhere. So how can we keep our relationships from becoming a statistic? Here are 5 small ways that can help:
Take action

Moving from Inspiration to Action

Have you ever had a light bulb moment? Where you suddenly feel totally inspired to do something in your life or career? What did you do afterwards? Did you respond to the call to action that arose from within? Or did you, as we so often do, allow the self-doubt and fears to creep in and talk yourself out of this great idea?

A Cat Story – By Amy Pope

I’ve been on the streets now for almost a year and, in that time, I have perfected how to get food. If I just strollup to the Hoomuns, meow sweetly and curl my entire body around their legs, they’re mine. One day I see one and saunter up to her. 
Personal Growth 2

My Story

We all have a story. These stories can have many chapters, some short, some long. We get to decide how the story develops, but we don’t always get to decide every aspect of it.

Living in Abundance

Abundance is a state of mind. When we live with an abundant mindset, we stop feeling like we don’t have enough, and we start appreciating all that we do have.

A Weekend of Wellness

A few weeks ago, I received a message on Instagram from Farah, who runs Snoopy Wellness. She asked me if I’d like to facilitate at their next retreat “Embracing Change”. We spoke and I instantly felt a connection with Farah’s vision.
Sand dune

Forgetting Ourselves

Forgetting ourselves is all too easy for many of us to do… to forget to take care of ourselves, to forget to love ourselves and ultimately to forget our True Selves.